Verboticism: Youdentify

'I thought this was a word game?'

DEFINITION: To measure your success, or evaluate your self-worth, based on what other people think.

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Created by: Wordhewer

Pronunciation: you-DEN'-tih-fy

Sentence: Marla obsessed on what others thought of her -- even her rivals. She was so much in the habit of youdentifying that she was unable to form an independent estimation of her own worth.

Etymology: Derivation: The "I" is taken from "identify" and replaced with "you", suggesting that "What you think of me is more important than what I think of myself."

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Comments: Youdentify

Wordhewer - 2007-07-25: 20:19:00
Oh, no! I overwrote my definition. I was trying to add a definition for another day's word.