Verboticism: Yahumm

'Why can't I google my socks?'

DEFINITION: The inability to find, organize, or keep track of, simple physical objects. Often occurs when an individual has developed a search-engine dependency.

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Created by: jadenguy

Pronunciation: yah umm

Sentence: “Where is Tiberius? Where is he?” Julius exclaimed. The makeshift portable canopy from umbrellas and duct protected the penguin he was holding from the harsh morning sun. They new taking this long to load them into the truck would be trouble. “Christ, I’m holding him here, you yahumm. Your wikipenguina is of no help, eh?”

Etymology: yahoo (person and service) + umm

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Comments: Yahumm

jadenguy - 2007-07-19: 11:29:00
this whole continuous story writing thing has been an interesting experience. i'll probably talk about it in depth this weekend on tomorrow's word. man, i never realized how much i could enjoy it, though.

Jabberwocky - 2007-07-19: 11:54:00
we're enjoying it too jadenguy - now I know what the umbrellas are for

purpleartichokes - 2007-07-19: 13:50:00
But what ever happened to the farmer's daughter?

jadenguy - 2007-07-19: 15:10:00
hopefully tomorrow's word will lead me in that direction?