Verboticism: Timidmonish

'I won't mention any names...'

DEFINITION: n. A staff meeting where the boss berates the entire team because the boss is too spineless to directly confront the one person who is actually causing all the problems.

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Created by: ziggy41

Pronunciation: Tim-ed-mon-esh

Sentence: Our boss held a timidmonish this morning that was about certain petty things he would get irked about. Although, it was quite pointless since we knew the only person who "left the woman's bathroom door open" or "accidently left one's brassiere" had to be Sue... the only woman in our office.

Etymology: Timid (weak, spineless) + admonish (reprimand)

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Comments: Timidmonish

petaj - 2007-06-29: 19:49:00
Sue was a bit brassy by the sounds of it. Did she flaunt herself in the brasserie?

ziggy41 - 2007-06-29: 22:56:00
Did she flaunt - Does a female Echidna deposit puggles?