Verboticism: Bluesbrothercool

'Ahhh! My hair! Don't let them see me like this!'

DEFINITION: v. To remain calm, steadfast and ploddingly systematic in the midst of a huge freaking disaster. n. A person who systematizes everything from their morning routines to personal relationships.

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Created by: jedijawa

Pronunciation: bloose-broth-her-cool

Sentence: Jack had a bluesbrothercool in how he dealt with things because even the greatest chaos didn't phase him.

Etymology: In the movie "The Blues Brothers" Jake and Elwood Blues were shot at, chased, blown up, threatened, and various other things while remaining calm and unflapable. They were the essence of bluesbrothercool.

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Comments: Bluesbrothercool

brucee10 - 2007-05-10: 12:15:00
I always just thought they were stoned