Verboticism: Nightbulb

'Honey, are you awake?'

DEFINITION: n. An idea that pops into your head just before you fall asleep, which is so big and brilliant, or else so dark and scary, that it keeps you awake all night long. v. To lie awake in bed with a head full of big dreams.

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Created by: wordmeister

Pronunciation: nite-bulb

Sentence: Roger had a nightbulb so dark and brilliant that he couldn't sleep for week. Finally, his wife pulled the plug on the idea, and he rested...

Etymology: night + lightbulb

Points: 800

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Comments: Nightbulb

purpleartichokes - 2007-04-09: 09:49:00
Good one!

wordmeister - 2007-04-09: 11:45:00
Strangely enough, I couldn't sleep last night, so this one was easy.

Jabberwocky - 2007-04-09: 12:19:00
appropriate for spring planting

Bulletchewer - 2007-04-09: 15:39:00
This should win.

wordmeister - 2007-04-09: 18:20:00
re: spring planting -- Yes, blooming deep shade tulips

jedijawa - 2007-04-09: 23:51:00
I like the mental image that goes with that one!