Verboticism: Levelupsy

'I winning!'

DEFINITION: n. A state of hyper-attentive focus combined with WBT (Whole Body Twitching) and IEE (Ignores Everything Else), which commonly afflicts video game players. v. To get so caught up in a video game that you cannot stop.

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Created by: Discoveria

Pronunciation: Lev-ell-up-see

Sentence: Patient S is the first documented case of fatal levelupsy. S had a history of chronic gaming; patient was discovered convulsing upon couch, ignoring symptoms of asphyxia while playing a common console game.

Etymology: Level up + epilepsy. Epilepsy: a chronic nervous system disorder causing seizures.

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Comments: Levelupsy

petaj - 2007-03-16: 04:33:00
Hope that fatalepsy count doesn't get too high.

galwaywegian - 2007-03-16: 04:59:00
well done!

Alchemist - 2007-03-16: 14:12:00
mwaa, levelupsy, or its curtainsy, mugsy. mwaa...(ok, after that bad impression, you definitely got my vote :)

rikboyee - 2007-03-16: 17:14:00
great word!