Verboticism: Fluck

'Wait! Can't you guys read? '

DEFINITION: n. A group of runners that moves as a single entity, ignoring traffic signals and pedestrians alike. v. To run in a herd without watching where you are going.

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Created by: w5lf9s

Pronunciation: fluk

Sentence: It was great fun to do their jogging in the middle of of the city at rush hour and as a fluck they couldn't be ignored! people slowed down or stopped their cars to let them through.

Etymology: amalgamate of flock and truck

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Comments: Fluck

Discoveria - 2007-03-01: 11:13:00
Fluck as in "what the fluck? Get out of the way!!!"?

purpleartichokes - 2007-03-01: 11:59:00
I'll be using this word to describe a lot of annoying groups of things.

w5lf9s - 2007-03-01: 13:21:00
.. and not just "groups of things". Some of those runners are flucking egopists takeing up half of the road!

purpleartichokes - 2007-03-01: 18:30:00
How about the always present fluck of movie-goers ever-so-slowly ambling out of the theater? Makes me want to scream "Fire!"

w5lf9s - 2007-03-01: 19:11:00
..or that fluck of ants, in single file no less, going in and out of your pantry..