Verboticism: Exponoxious

'I coughed up $50 for this concert!'

DEFINITION: n. The slow but steady rise of murmurs, coughs or harrumphs in audience. May indicate dissatisfaction, or the presence of a lethally infectious virus. v. To clear one's throat

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Created by: w5lf9s


Sentence: It was an unintentional wheeze at first, and a tiny little cough, followed by couple of sneezes and a suppressed burp. Then the cougher lost control, went into a fit and was joined by a second and a third. A groan could be heard amid the harrumph and a barely suppressed belch in close harmony with an embarassingly long, sonorous fart broke the surface of the growing murmur and unrest. From there on the noise grew exponoxiously until, finally .... the star pianist came out of his preparatory meditation, sat up straight and started playing.

Etymology: exponentially obnoxious

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Comments: Exponoxious

w5lf9s - 2007-02-21: 12:23:00
Sorry people, that sentence ran away with me!!

purpleartichokes - 2007-02-21: 19:23:00
I LOVE the sentence!!