Verboticism: Hindplay

'Whoa! Whoa! I thought we were breaking up?'

DEFINITION: v. To engage in intimate activities with your "ex", even when you know that you will never, ever, get back together again. n. Intimate activities undertaken with an ex-lover

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Created by: w5lf9s


Sentence: "Oh, come on, stay over one last time tonight. A little hindplay has never done anyone any harm"

Etymology: combination of "hindsight" and "foreplay"

Points: 1910

Comments: Hindplay

NohWoman - 2007-02-16: 02:32:00
Very nice! When I saw the definition I thought, "A word already exists for this: backsliding!" But then I saw hindplay... fabulous and useful!

wordmeister - 2007-02-16: 09:26:00
Yes, as NohWoman says, very useful!

w5lf9s - 2007-02-16: 11:56:00
thanks for the flowers to both of you. I do enjoy coming up with this stuff and there are some really creative people playing here.