Verboticism: Semijectliment

'Wow, you're hot!'

DEFINITION: v. To reject a compliment. May indicate low self-esteem, or false modesty, or even a psychopathic aversion to flattery. n. A person who has difficulty accepting praise.

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Created by: FeelTheMcGrath

Pronunciation: Semm-Ai-Ject-Lih-Ment

Sentence: Robert was finely dining in a local seafood restaurant. His eyes wandered across the joint, until they came across those of Lisa's. Her cold hard stare pierced his emotional heart, he looked away quickly. Some time after they both had finished eating their meals, Robert decided to approach Lisa. He, having only had emotional ties with his mother, did not know how to converse with Lisa. So, naturally, he exclaimed, "Wow! You're hot!" Lisa quickly turned around only to Semijectliment him with, "No thank you."

Etymology: Semi- half ject- to reject liment- a compliment

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