Verboticism: Argoldment

'But my other sock has a hole in it...'

DEFINITION: v. To have a big fight over nothing, that is really a fight about money. n. An argument about money

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Created by: Krixwell

Pronunciation: are-gold-ment

Sentence: Jack and Jill had a huge fight over the destination of their summer vacation. Jack wanted to go to a much more expensive location, and while Jill pretended her reasons for not wanting to go there were based purely on the locations, they both knew it was, in essence, an argoldment.

Etymology: argument (fight, dispute, heated debate) + gold (Au, element 79, soft precious metal often synonymous with treasure or money although it is too soft to practically use for coins)

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Comments: Argoldment

Krixwell - 2013-09-17: 09:15:00
If it was up to Jill alone, they'd probably just go up some hill nearby and fetch a pail of water. Much cheaper than hotel water.