Verboticism: Adbrakewafy


DEFINITION: v. To instinctively slam your foot on "the brakes" even though you're just a passenger. Often occurs when the actual driver fails to brake appropriately. n. A sudden jerk of the leg.

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Created by: FeelTheMcGrath

Pronunciation: Ad-brayck-wah-fi

Sentence: As Jebediah and Miley stepped into the car, Miley felt uneasy. She had heard previously from her neighbors that Jebediah was a reckless driver, even when he wasn't on his yeast infection medication. As he put his foot on the gas and started to drive, Miley immediately adbrakewafied.

Etymology: Ad- To brake- break suddenly wafy- while saying, "Wa!"

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Comments: Adbrakewafy

ColeyPTrain - 2013-09-12: 14:45:00