Verboticism: Sillyhammer

'I'll make everyone erase their hard drives!'

DEFINITION: v. To enthusiastically tell and share a lame joke with an unwilling audience. n. A person who does not realize that their sense of humor is not appreciated and laughs loudly at their own jokes.

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: sil-ee-ham-er

Sentence: Reggie doesn't just tell a joke. He hits you upside the head with it. He loves it when he has a captive audience and can sillyhammer them in a lame attempt to entertain. Few, if any, find this appropriate for a Funeral Director.

Etymology: silly (absurd; ridiculous; irrational) + hammer (a tool consisting of a solid head, usually of metal, set crosswise on a handle, used for beating metals, driving nails)

Points: 800