Verboticism: Whisconsinners

'Which whisk is hers?'

DEFINITION: v. To carefully shave your facial hair into a style which advertises your political allegiance, sexual orientation, or taste in music. n. Stylized facial hair.

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Created by: mrskellyscl

Pronunciation: wiss-con-sin-ners

Sentence: In one particular state, men who were convicted of a crime and sent to the state penitentiary were made to shave their heads but grow their whiskers long to show that they were convicts. They were known as the Whiscons because of their distinctive beards and attire. Once day a Franciscan friar who was quite a gifted preacher came to convert the convicts. He was so persuasive that the entire jail repented of their sins and were baptized. They all shaved their beards into the form of a cross to show that they were "Whisconsinners" and spent the rest of their sentences doing fasting, penance and good works. The men who were sentenced to life with no parole began a Priory at the jail where they specialized in making delicious cheeses, jellies and license plates. They were called the Little Brothers of the Whiscon Cross which was eventually shortened to "Whiskers." The unfortunate brothers who were on death row were called Fryers.

Etymology: whiskers: facial hair + con: person imprisoned for a crime + sinner: one who commits a sin

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