Verboticism: Monobmania

'Excuse me, but that's my button.'

DEFINITION: v. To push a push-button that has just been pushed by someone else because you "need" to push it yourself; common at elevators, traffic lights, and family meetings. n. A person who "needs" to push their own buttons.

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Created by: CharlieB

Pronunciation: mon-ob-main-ee-ah

Sentence: Jeff was so self absorbed he just didn't notice the three other people standing at the pedestrian crossing. This refusal to snap out of his tunnel vision and engage with the city in which he lived meant he was a total monobmaniac: see a knob and press it. His brother, on the other hand, suffered from compullsion - he couldn't stop himself opening doors for people.

Etymology: monomania (an obsessive interest in a single thing) + maniac (an overly enthusiastic person) + knob (a round projection on a surface & offensive slang term for an idiot)

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