Verboticism: Fetidread

'You must me so hot in those boots.'

DEFINITION: n. Anxiety caused by fear that one's body odor may offend others; often exacerbated when required to remove heavy sweaters, or footwear.v. To worry about the way you smell.

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Created by: metrohumanx

Pronunciation: FETT-id-RED

Sentence: Like aroma from cheese it’ll rise in your head- The terror of reeking called FETIDREAD!

Etymology: FETID+DREAD= FETIDREAD.....FETID: having a heavy offensive smell; Middle English, from Latin foetidus, from foetēre to stink.....DREAD: extreme uneasiness in the face of a disagreeable prospect, causing fear or awe, great fear especially in the face of impending evil or embarrasment; Middle English dreden from Old English drǣdan (“‘to fear, caution against’”), aphetic form of ādrǣdan, ondrǣdan (“‘to advise or counsel against’”) from and- "against" + rǣdan "to counsel, advise". Akin to Old High German intrātan "to fear".

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November 17: The Leonids Typically the Leonid shower is a weak display, with fewer than a dozen meteors per hour radiating from Leo’s Sickle. But the parent comet, 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, tends to create narrow concentrated streams that can produce brief but prodigious displays. That was the case during the late 1990s, and we might be in for a reprise this year. A predicted pulse of activity on November 17th — with hundreds of meteors per hour — will involve contributions from the comet's spewings in 1102, 1466, and 1533.