Verboticism: Funkomfortable

'You must me so hot in those boots.'

DEFINITION: n. Anxiety caused by fear that one's body odor may offend others; often exacerbated when required to remove heavy sweaters, or footwear.v. To worry about the way you smell.

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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: fung-kumft-er-bul

Sentence: Vicky's birthday wasn't getting any better. The day had suddenly turned unseasonably warm, then her dog got loose and she'd had to chase him for 20 minutes before catching him. On top of that, her car's air conditioning stopped working. By the time she got home, she just wanted to take a nice, cool bath. She'd opened the door to a surprise party, and now all of her friends wanted to give her a big hug. She was so funkomfortable!

Etymology: Funk - a strong unpleasant odor (slang) & Uncomfortable - awkward or uneasy

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Comments: Funkomfortable

Nosila - 2009-11-12: 09:40:00
Funkredible word...Welcome back, Tigger! We've missed you.