Verboticism: Creepgallery

'Where did you get all these photos?'

DEFINITION: v. To discover that one of your "just friends" friends maintains a lovingly tended shrine in their bedroom, consisting mostly of compromising photos and/or videos of you. n. A private collection of "private" photos and/or videos.

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Created by: splendiction

Pronunciation: creep GAL er e

Sentence: When Jill stumbled upon Jack's creepgallery, she knew he'd become a real creep. How DID he get those pictures? His collection revealed he'd really fallen for her. Who would want a picture of her picking her nose? Jill was certain Jack's fall last year had warped her friend's frontal cortex (or whatever part of the brain responsible for judgement and reason)!

Etymology: From: creep (the noun and verb) and gallery.

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