Verboticism: Mariopia

'I winning!'

DEFINITION: n. A state of hyper-attentive focus combined with WBT (Whole Body Twitching) and IEE (Ignores Everything Else), which commonly afflicts video game players. v. To get so caught up in a video game that you cannot stop.

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Created by: Nuwanda

Pronunciation: marr-ee-oo-pee-a

Sentence: Clyde suffered from Mariopia and it ruined his life. It started out with a simple Gameboy--black and white screen, bad graphics. Yet he was compelled to conquer it, and was willing to let his life fall into shambles around him. Today, Clyde is so destitute that he has taken to hanging around Best Buy looking for some kid who he can convince to "test drive" Mario Kart on the store's demo Wiis. The scene usually ends with the kid crying, Clyde taunting and security escorting him off the premises.

Etymology: Mario, the ubiquitous gaming brothers, combined with suffix "opia" which means affecting vision.

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Comments: Mariopia

Nosila - 2009-10-02: 23:32:00
A Mario made in Heaven...good word