Verboticism: Kipvana

'Don't worry. I'm not asleep. I'm meditating.'

DEFINITION: n. A state of heightened, subconscious awareness that allows drivers to "safely" navigate and control a vehicle without watching the road. v. To drive without bothering to watch where you are going.

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Created by: idavecook

Pronunciation: Kip Va Na

Sentence: Ned had become so enraptured in his 5:30 kipvana that he did not hear his name called on the radio and failed to claim the $100,000 prize.

Etymology: Kip= Australian for nap. Vana= A great rock band or the second part of Nir

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Comments: Kipvana

Nosila - 2009-10-01: 01:32:00
Kip Kip Hooray for your word!