Verboticism: Horizonized

'What details?'

DEFINITION: n. A special ability lets you focus on the big picture without getting distracted by those busy little details. v. To skip over the details while focusing on the big picture.

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Created by: Buzzardbilly

Pronunciation: hə-ˈrī-zən-rīzd

Sentence: v. He was so horizonized that he could never focus on how to pay attention to the little details of how to reach a big goal. Instead, he stumbled through life unable to see the potholes because he couldn't stop focusing on the horizon. n. His horizonization was the worst. The man walked around with bees on his face, his fly unzipped, and some part of breakfast dangling from a lip corner, yet he was completely oblivious to it all because he was a slave to the big picture but a zombie on the day-to-day.

Etymology: Horizon - the boundary one sees in the furthest distance where sky meets earth as far as they eye believes. Also from Greek present participle of horizein meaning "to bound, define" and Mesmerize - Which is the eponymous word for what F.A. Mesmer did, which was to hypnotize.

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Comments: Horizonized

jrogan - 2009-08-28: 23:01:00
Slave and zombie all at once -- great image

Nosila - 2009-08-28: 23:41:00
Great word...horizontal thinking at it's best!