Verboticism: Apparelhell

'My bikini still fits!'

DEFINITION: n. A person in deep denial who crams into their old clothing which is now somewhat unflattering, and perhaps several sizes too small. v. To wear clothing from your "younger days" just to prove that you still got it.

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Created by: emdeejay

Pronunciation: a parallel

Sentence: Jimmy smiled as he recalled his pleasant dreams of the night before, of the sweet supple skin of his beloved as they bathed in the sandy sunshine on their honeymoon. He wondered if they were still there together, in a parallel universe. Suddenly, the sound of Irena's voice bought him back to reality. When he saw the image of her before him he was struck by a profound thought: Was this apparelhell universe?

Etymology: Apparel: clothing. Hell: A very bad place, or so I'm told. Parallel: consistent property of two events separated by time.

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