Verboticism: Fixhate

'I wish this tree was dead.'

DEFINITION: v. To ignore anything positive and focus your energy on problems, disasters, and whatever bad news you find. n. A person who searches for, and feeds on, other people's weaknesses, failures and mistakes.

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Created by: Biscotti

Pronunciation: f-icks-h-ayt

Sentence: Joey was such a fixhate, always making those around him feel miserable. Even in public, he would be told "Have a nice day" and promptly responded, "Why should I?". He went so far as to paint his cubicle at work all black, just so his co-workers would feel gloomy too.

Etymology: Fixate (focus or obsess on something) + hate (anger or disdain for something)

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Comments: Fixhate

silveryaspen - 2009-04-21: 09:40:00
Very Strong and Powerful Word!

abrakadeborah - 2009-04-22: 05:55:00
Biscotti,what a great word! I'm visualizing that black :)