Verboticism: Meltrinketosis

'Have you seen my wedding rings?'

DEFINITION: n. The desire to convert items with sentimental value, like antique hand-crafted jewelery, back into the raw material, like gold bullion, to access its commercial value. v. To cash in something with sentimental value.

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Created by: metrohumanx

Pronunciation: mel-TREEN-kit-OH-sis

Sentence: Into the mailer we tossed them with glee- Granny’s old brooch with the fine filagree… Rings that were crafted when that was an art, Gifts they intended to mend broken hearts. Surely we'll harvest the fair market price- No one would cheat us- that wouldn’t be nice! MELTRINKETOSIS runs rampant today… Don’t weigh your heirlooms- just do as we say. Gold chains and memories melted away Returned as a buck so more bills we can pay. Silver's re-fashioned with minimal labor- Into a STUD for the nose of your neighbor.

Etymology: MELt+TRINKET+OSIS= MELTRINKETOSIS.....MELT: to become altered from a solid to a liquid state usually by heat; Middle English, from Old English meltan; akin to Old Norse melta to digest, Greek meldein to melt [12th century].....TRINKET: a small ornament (as a jewel or ring) often bequeathed by a loved one, perhaps fashioned by the lost-wax process; origin unknown [circa 1527].....-OSIS: suffix indicating an illness or medical condition, action, process, or condition; New Latin, from Greek -ōsis, from -ō- (stem of causative verbs in -oun) + -sis.

Points: 941

Comments: Meltrinketosis

metrohumanx - 2009-04-08: 02:11:00
WE BUY ANYTHING! Use the postage-paid "greed-pack" and we will return you MAXIMUM MONIES!

metrohumanx - 2009-04-08: 02:32:00
If you vote for me, I'll put us back on the gold standard and i promise to put a chicken in every pot!

silveryaspen - 2009-04-08: 07:18:00
A hit with me are your verse and verbotomy ... great golden oldies!

Jabberwocky - 2009-04-08: 13:16:00
fantastic metro

Nosila - 2009-04-08: 23:22:00
Metalligent, metalphysical and metalmorphic! Cheers, metalrohumanx!

abrakadeborah - 2009-04-09: 06:49:00
YOU are "meltan my trinkets" Metrohumanx~ GOOD one! :)