Verboticism: Stunundrum

'My wheelbarrow needs a seat...'

DEFINITION: v. To ask a someone a bizarre question in order to get them to think outside their mental little boxes. (And to see if they are actually listening.) n. A creative provocation designed to pull people out of their daily stupor.

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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: /stun-'un-drum/

Sentence: Trying to 'chat up' the receptionist at the veterinarians office, Stuart idly asked her, "So why do they say you're getting your dog 'fixed' when really it doesn't work anymore afterwords? People ought to say they're taking the dog to get 'broken' instead, shouldn't they?" By the blank, slack-jawed look she gave him, he realized he'd overwhelmed her with a Stunundrum. He just sighed, sat back down and petted Rascal for awhile - at least Rascal seemed to pretend to understand his jokes.

Etymology: Stun (from O.Fr. estoner) - to astonish, overpower or bewilder. + Conundrum (pseudo-Latin) - a riddle in which a fanciful question is answered by a pun.

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Comments: Stunundrum

galwaywegian - 2009-03-11: 06:47:00

metrohumanx - 2009-03-11: 21:26:00
Perhaps Stu should've had the dog TUTORED instead....

silveryaspen - 2009-03-11: 21:57:00
Marvelous word

abrakadeborah - 2009-03-14: 18:58:00
Really good word! I like the way it sounds :) Good Job!