Verboticism: Spaboiled

'I just can't relax in the shower'

DEFINITION: v. To take a really long, relaxing, shower; so long in fact, that you loose concept of time. n. A prolonged shower that uses up a whole tank of hot water and leaves the bather looking like a boiled raisin.

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Created by: TJayzz

Pronunciation: Spar-boy-eld

Sentence: Having been gardening all day, Joe decided to take a long hot shower. As the hot water splashed around him he felt like he was being wrapped in a blanket. It felt so good he lost all track of time and ended up spaboiled, emerging looking like an over cooked lobster.

Etymology: Spa(a hot water tub) + boiled(to have been immersed in hot water until cooked) = Spaboiled See Parboiled(boil until nearly cooked)

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Comments: Spaboiled

yellowbird - 2009-02-26: 06:36:00
very nice

Mustang - 2009-02-26: 07:50:00
He was no doubt thinking of his long lost girlfriend Sammin Ella...he lobster and never flounder...

Jabberwocky - 2009-02-26: 10:28:00
terrific and love the puns Mustang