Verboticism: Saleargent

'Wow! This anti-aging cream really works!'

DEFINITION: n. Creams, potions, and other concoctions which allegedly mask the effects of aging. v. To apply creams to your skin in a desperate attempt to make yourself look younger.

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Pronunciation: sar-le-ar-jent

Sentence: Jillian was happy with her saleargent purchase, her husband Brian was not. "How much!" he screamed. "It was on sale, half price" she mumbled. "Ninety-five dollars!" he bellowed as he picked up the tiny gold embossed box, "For a tub of mud!" he yelled. "But it's the best" she cried, "It's from the French Alps!". "Fantastic" sneered Brian sarcastically, "So what's for dinner?" he asked. With a scornful scowl she uttered "Fishsticks".

Etymology: From French, sale (dirty)+ argent (money)

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