Verboticism: Shitibank

'Is my money safe with you?'

DEFINITION: n. A bank which pays huge salaries to its executives who bet their customers' money on dumb investments, risky loans, and the inevitable government bail-out. v. To lend, spend, and mismanage a bank into bankruptcy.

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Created by: idavecook

Pronunciation: Shit-EEE-Bay-n-k

Sentence: "I just got a job at Shitibank!" exclaimed Joe the plumber as he leapt unknowingly down the stairs to his demise. To the horror of his co-workers and recent ex-coworkers, they wondered if Joe knew he had been laid off before his neck hit the last step?

Etymology: A loan, a dick, and your ass.

Points: 1535

Comments: Shitibank

mweinmann - 2009-01-27: 11:44:00
Good play on Citibank butt the etymology??

Nosila - 2009-01-27: 23:20:00
Great'd think with exorbitant interest they charge they could keep a few more Joe's on staff..