Verboticism: Kneedless

'I feel sorry for these poor sardines.'

DEFINITION: n., A feeling of discomfort, common while sitting on a plane or train, created by the sense that you are about to be decapitated by your fellow passengers who are tilting aggressively towards you. v. To sit in a very small space, which seems to be getting smaller.

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Created by: Nuwanda

Pronunciation: knead-less

Sentence: The passenger in front of Tom kneedlessly reclined her seat, figuring Tom would kneedless room than she did. Had she been more considerate, she probably would have been kneedless by Tom, who made it his mission for the rest of the flight to dig his knees into the reclined seat while incessantly putting large hardback books into the seat pocket only to take them out again.

Etymology: Heedless--characterized by careless unconcern--changed to incorporate knee and then conjugated every way I could think of.

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Comments: Kneedless

OZZIEBOB - 2008-11-20: 16:23:00
Good word

Nosila - 2008-11-20: 19:44:00
Kneedmore Kneedless words like this...

metrohumanx - 2008-11-21: 08:31:00
Spectacular tale of revenge!