Verboticism: Elevitation

'Did I miss my stop?'

DEFINITION: n., A semi-conscious state experienced by early morning commuters on a subway, bus or car. v., To mentally transport oneself in the opposite direction of which you are traveling.

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Created by: astorey

Pronunciation: EL/ev/i/tay/shun

Sentence: Passing through Chicago's "Gold Coast" on the Brown Line trains, Cassie gazed mindlessly into the million dollar condos--bargain-priced because of their proximity to the el--and entered an advanced state of elevitation. She imagined herself sipping gourmet coffee made by a machine worth more than she gets paid in a week, reading the New York Times and sharing interesting tidbits with her fabulously wealthy (and good looking) husband. Cassie's elevitation was so powerful that she suddenly discovered she had ridden the train all the way around the downtown Loop and was passing those same condos again, on the other side of the train.

Etymology: El as in elevated train, as it is especially known in Chicago, combined with levitation--To lift or raise a physical object in apparent defiance of gravity.

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Comments: Elevitation

Jabberwocky - 2008-08-26: 12:53:00
great paragraph

metrohumanx - 2008-08-27: 01:10:00
WOW! That's what I love to read. This challenge was one of the BEST! Good work, Astorey.