Verboticism: Technegligent

'Yeah, I do have a lot of online friends.'

DEFINITION: v. To be so immersed in a virtual world that you forget about your responsibilities to the physical world -- like your job, your family, or even feeding and washing yourself. n. A person who lives exclusively in their imagination.

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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: /tek-NEG-li-juhnt/

Sentence: Ralph's character in World of Warcraft was awesome — with some of the best armor and weapons available. But Ralph was technegligent IRL. He hadn't shaved or bathed in 4 or 5 days, and he'd barely slept in the last week. He'd called in sick at work twice, but after that he hadn't even bothered, and they'd finally stopped calling to leave him messages. He seemed to recall a girl he'd been dating, but she'd stopped calling, too... Anyway, his character rocked! That's what was important, wasn't it?

Etymology: Technology - electronic or digital products and systems (from Greek, tekhnologia "science of the mechanical and industrial arts") + negligent - failing in what duty requires; derelict or delinquent (from Latin, neglegere "to make light of, disregard")

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