Verboticism: Prehumptuous

'Yuck! Your dog is trying to kiss me!'

DEFINITION: n. Embarrassing pet behavior; may be perfectly natural for the pet, but often makes humans feel self-conscious or ill at ease. v. To be embarrassed by your pet's beahviour

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Created by: Tigger

Pronunciation: /pri-HUHMP-choo-uhs/

Sentence: After his incarceration in 'the pen', and his subsequent release into society, Fido displayed behavior that could only be described as prehumptuous. Fido's owner, Owen, could scarcely have a date drop by his apartment, or even his own mother, without Fido first pawing and then birddogging them. Needless to say, that made for some quite embarrassing visits.

Etymology: Presumptuous - impertinently bold behavior; forwardness (from Latin, præsumere "to take beforehand") & Hump - [as in 'humping'] a bad pet habit often displayed by canines; and particularly Fido! (slang origin of the word is uncertain; first published use in 1785)

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Comments: Prehumptuous

Tigger - 2008-07-06: 03:46:00
Great words this week everyone. Been travelling a lot, so I know this is way late, but I couldn't help adding my complaints about that absolute hound, Fido. Sorry metro, but he really is a "Bad Dog!!"