Verboticism: Cellut

'Sure, I'd love to talk...'

DEFINITION: n. A person who immediately answers all cell phone calls, then chats on and on, leaving the people they're with, hanging. v. To answer your phone even when you are in the middle of another conversation.

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Created by: pungineer

Pronunciation: Sslut

Sentence: Ferdinand had impeccable table manners, he held the door open for old ladies crossing the street and even coughed to mask his flatulence, however when it came to mobile communication his etiquette was in the gutter. At the merest quiver of his cellular telephone, regardless of how deep in conversation he was in with the esteemed friend or colleague right in front of him he pounced on his oral interaction device and started gabbling frivolous nonsense. He was without doubt a most terrible cellut.

Etymology: Cell+Slut = Cellut

Points: 893

Comments: Cellut

Nosila - 2008-06-10: 20:51:00
Good Word...they should investigate what's at the root of this know some cell stem research!

pungineer - 2008-08-04: 07:18:00
Wow I only just realised i got one - i've been the phone!!