Verboticism: Shoehilist

'Did you really spend all our rent money on those shoes?'

DEFINITION: v. To compulsively shop for and buy shoes that are stylish, sexy and extremely uncomfortable. n. A person who has an uncontrolled, psychological dependency on impractical shoes.

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Created by: pieceof314

Pronunciation: shoo-ill-ist

Sentence: Tammy was a compulsive shoe collector. She could name a shoe brand at 50 paces. Her shoehilistic tendencies were so strong that she could only afford to eat ramen noodles and live in substandard housing. But man, did she look sylish from the ankles down.

Etymology: Shoe + nihilist

Points: 1199

Comments: Shoehilist

Jabberwocky - 2008-06-02: 13:21:00
She probably had a little neitzsche carved out for all those shoes - very clever

OZZIEBOB - 2008-06-02: 22:50:00
Nice word.