Verboticism: Ignorrant

'I'll make everyone erase their hard drives!'

DEFINITION: v. To enthusiastically tell and share a lame joke with an unwilling audience. n. A person who does not realize that their sense of humor is not appreciated and laughs loudly at their own jokes.

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Created by: Jamagra

Pronunciation: ig/nor/rant

Sentence: It was April Fool's Day and Justin, the small company's sole male employee, was making more of an "ignoranus" of himself than usual. In hysterics, he explained over and over why that "Empty Folder Virus" was so funny. Molly paid no attention to Justin's ignorrant. She did, however, wonder if the Saran-wrap covering the toilet bowl in the men's washroom would ever be traced back to her.

Etymology: ignorant + rant

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