Verboticism: Animunciate

'Oh Ducky, I'm so glad that I can talk to you'

DEFINITION: n. A person who has the highly developed ability to communicate on a direct level with any type of animal, except for human beings. v. To talk to animals because you know that communicating with people is useless.

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Created by: kashman

Pronunciation: anee-mun-sea-ate

Sentence: Lauren has always been an animal lover. Her parents supported her animunciation hoping that it's just a phase in her growing up life. But when they were told by Lauren's teachers that she animunciates with the rats and frogs in her school's biology lab, they knew something was wrong. Later on when she went to college and one Thanksgiving week they received a call from her that she is bringing "someone" with her, it got them all excited. Finally, the Thanksgiving day arrived and the door bell rang; Lauren's parents opened the door beamingly to find her animunciating with a dog!

Etymology: Animal + Enunciate (to speak clearly)

Points: 803