Verboticism: Goniker

'Who's the lucky lady?'

DEFINITION: v. To be unable to remember the name of a person you are speaking to, even though you've had a long-standing, and perhaps even an intimate relationship. n. An inability to remember a person's name.

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Created by: purpleartichokes

Pronunciation: gawn-ih-kur

Sentence: Alas, Bob would never have a second date with the stunning brunette because in a moment of goniker, he called her Fifi instead of Fiona.

Etymology: gone, moniker

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Comments: Goniker

silveryaspen - 2008-03-04: 10:38:00
Goniker goner! Laughing uncontrollably after reading your sentence! It is so fun to say, just saying it makes me smile. Right fit! Nice bite to it. Supberb word!

Jabberwocky - 2008-03-04: 13:05:00
Bob - isn't he the one with palzheimers?

purpleartichokes - 2008-03-04: 13:53:00
Song for the day - Bob, bob, bob...bob, bob ra ann!

silveryaspen - 2008-03-04: 16:57:00
Great comment purpleartichokes! Today's creates have filled my head full of fun things ... and it's great when they fill it with music! Even when I wish I had a stop/play button after it repeats itself for too long!

Tigger - 2008-03-04: 18:45:00
Here's a tune for the day: "Uhm, forgettable, that's what you are. Uhm, forgettable, though near or far..." - Nat King Cole (not referring to you BTW, purpleartichokes!!)

OZZIEBOB - 2008-03-04: 19:40:00
I like it alot!