Verboticism: Conseptic

'What is that awful smell?'

DEFINITION: n. An unpleasant smell caused by the lack of fresh air, and/or stuffy thinking, especially if one has been locked up in a building for a long, long time. v. tr. To exude stale air or ideas.

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Created by: Banky

Pronunciation: cawn-sehp-tick

Sentence: The conseptic ideas of the FOX reality TV executives had led to an entire schedule of gems such as "Guyotine!" in which polygraph-caught cheating husbands were castrated on live television with a large blade. "Badger Tank", a game show in which the losing contestants were dropped into the titular tank, combined America's love of animals and seeing people who are not them in pain. "America's Next Top Adult Movie Theater Janitor" was full of scatological guffaws, and would surely perform well after "Fore!igner" where non-white non-Christians were buried up to their waist on a driving range and pelted by PGA professionals. The new show "Whatev" featuring a guest lecturer every week preaching to disaffected teens who are ranked by a national audience on their levels of apathy, antipathy, and ability to distract themselves from the orator and their message would grab the coveted 18-25 demographic on Wednesdays. Finally, the culmination of six years of experience in the business, "Jim Carrey Presents" which features the wacky hacktor making the most outrageous faces at the camera between segments of punching random people in the groin and then passing gas onto their crumpled forms.

Etymology: concept + septic

Points: 1157

Comments: Conseptic

silveryaspen - 2008-02-29: 13:55:00
Admire your thoughts and sentence and verbot muchly! Where do they find the people they put on reality tv shows? Terrific word for a great many of strange people on the weird reality tv shows!

OZZIEBOB - 2008-03-02: 19:56:00
Another good word & sentence!