Verboticism: Salamonella

'Help! There's something in the fridge!'

DEFINITION: n., Mutated leftovers which, unattended inside an evil-minded fridge, have transformed themselves into an extremely odorous, alternate life form. v., To save food past it's freshness date and watch it grow into something new.

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Created by: bananabender

Pronunciation: suh-LAHM-mun-el-uh

Sentence: It was hiding behind the egg carton festering technicolours, foul odours, and a plan of escape. "I'm not supposed to be in here" it thought, "I'm a hot salami and it's way too cold in here for me." It waited... and waited... and festered... and festered. She opened the door, light flooded the room, warm air rushed in like a breath of spring and it knew that this was the moment to seize the day! Salamonella was born and salamonella will reign supreme! Until the frankfurtenstein develops grandiose ideas, that is.

Etymology: salami + salmonella

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Comments: Salamonella

silveryaspen - 2008-02-01: 08:48:00
Enough to make me want to suhlahm that fridge door! Unique combo.

Jabberwocky - 2008-02-01: 14:36:00
great little story

purpleman - 2008-02-01: 15:22:00
nice word