Verboticism: Compulove

'But I was just double-clicking'

DEFINITION: n., The anger and frustration that grows out of an unsatisfying, unfulfilling or unpredictable relationship one has with an electronic device, especially a computer. v. intr., To be trapped in a passive-aggressive, codependency with a computer.

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Created by: Dougalistic

Pronunciation: Comp-you-love

Sentence: Julie has a strong compulove for her HP. She has had it years. Im suprised her PC has put up with her constantly shouting at it and hitting it. Poor PC. But it must be love, because it always switches on!!

Etymology: This is a mix between computer and compulsive and love. Computer being just a computer (laptop or desktop) and compulsive as in "you must do it" "you must have it" etc.. and love as in strong feelings of romance and passion etc.

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Comments: Compulove

silveryaspen - 2008-01-30: 07:04:00
This has a twisted cyber-ring to it! Laughing long and loud!

bananabender - 2008-01-31: 00:13:00
Switched on word and sentence too!