Verboticism: Bullygoat

'These Post-it Notes don't post!'

DEFINITION: v., To share your feelings with a customer service representative by using a perceived product deficiency to express your own sense of inadequacy and/or deep seated rage against the world. n., An irritating or annoying customer.

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Created by: bananabender

Pronunciation: bul / li / gote

Sentence: He ranted and raved about the "faulty" nose-hair clippers, complaining that no matter how many times he used them his hair kept growing back. He's such a bullygoat!

Etymology: Bull**** - nonsense, humbug / bully - a tyrannical blustering ruffian / goat - "get on one's goat" (coll) to annoy, also "act the goat" (coll) to behave foolishly

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Comments: Bullygoat

silveryaspen - 2008-01-16: 08:03:00
"Damn Ram" said Nannygoat, "but I love that old Bullygoat! Clever!

OZZIEBOB - 2008-01-16: 16:27:00
I like it! Seems to me that he very caprickious!

Tigger - 2008-01-16: 21:02:00
Hey, that's it. That's what the guy in the picture kinda' looks like — a bleating goat!