Verboticism: Merrynaded

'Apparently, Santa has been into the festive spirits all day long.'

DEFINITION: v., To prepare for holiday events where you must chat with irritating co-workers or nagging relatives, by consuming just enough alcohol to make you feel "relaxed". n., A person who arrives at a party pre-inebriated.

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Created by: MrDave2176

Pronunciation: mehr-ree-nayd-ed

Sentence: (True story): My wife and I and a friend attended a champagne tasting, then went home and sampled some single malt scotch and then proceeded to the Christmas party already merrynaded.

Etymology: Merry + (Mari)naded

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Comments: Merrynaded

Jabberwocky - 2007-12-18: 14:12:00

libertybelle - 2007-12-18: 14:50:00
Positively brilliant word!

OZZIEBOB - 2007-12-18: 16:03:00
Sounds like you were on a merry-go-round. Great word, DAVE !