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'I'm in love with these shoes.'

DEFINITION: v. To have a favorite article of clothing with which you develop a personal, and even a deeply fulfilling, relationship. n. A much loved article of clothing.

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Top verboticism of the day created by remistram

Pronunciation: kinn-shirt

Sentence: This shirt had been with him everywhere, like Linus and his blanket. This kinshirt began when he had his first kiss, then when he graduated from law school, when he ran his first marathon, and when he climbed Mt. Everest. Each and every milestone his shirt was there. Whether it was on his head, around his waist or on his back it was there.

Etymology: kinship + shirt

Created by: remistram.

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Footish: /fuht-esh/ Marilyn believed she had very glamorous feet and would spend time pursuing what her friends had begun to label as her footish, trying to find shoes or other footwear that would, in her mind, enhance the 'beauty' of her feet even more. Etymology: Blend of 'foot' (self exp) and 'fetish' ( an extremely strong devotion to something) Created by: Mustang.

Affheeliation: /af feel ee ay shun/ Her lime green Manolo Blahniks had become her first love. She had a deep and loving affheeliation with those platforms. You could say they had become sole-mates, they were her Achilles' Heel, the one thing that could pump up her mood. They had become the arch enemy of her depression. When she slipped into them, she was neither a loafer nor a clod, but a sexy vamp. She walked taller and spoke with tongue in cheek. Besides, at $900 a pair, she had to get her money's worth out of them by wearing them everyday! Etymology: Affilation (keep company with; hang out with;a social or business relationship) & Heel (the bottom of a shoe or boot; the back part of a shoe or boot that touches the ground;high heeled shoe) Created by: Nosila.

Sweettee: /swēttē/ Billy Bob just loves his NASCAR. Nothing gets him pumped up more than a good ol’ Sunday afternoon of racing. And of course he has to wear his authentic, signed Jimmy Johnson teeshirt. There’s nothing like a man wearin’ a shirt with a picture of another man and a badass car and an explosion in the background. He just loves him some Jimmy Johnson. That’s his sweettee. But not THAT kinda sweet and not THAT kinda lovin’. Thatud just be wrong. Etymology: sweet (delightful) tee (t-shirt) Created by: artr.


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Jonno - 2006-12-14: 04:40:00
Hi all! New to this and it's fun, but here's my 3 cents worth... 1. Placing the most voted-for words at the top of the list biases the voting. 2. Words entered earlier are subject to more votes. Could you not take all the entries before voting begins? Or have voting for yesterday's word while today's definitions are open? 3. You should add the part of speech to the definition (verb, noun, etc). I think the celeverer words are the ones which match the definition. 4. Please make these comment boxes a bit bigger! Thanks, Jon.

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2006-12-14: 09:25:00
Hey Jonno, Thanks for your suggestions. They are all good! We are working on way to divide players/words into smaller groups, which will change the way verboticisms are listed, and the way voting happens. Stay tuned... In terms of the "part of speech", we actually had that in earlier, but took it out because people didn't like it. We could add it back... What do you guys think? Thanks for playing! ~ James

ErWenn - 2006-12-14: 12:14:00
I've just joined, and so far, every definition has been for a verb, but most of them lend themselves better to nouns. For example, it's easier to name a disease or condition than it is to give a word that describes succumbing to such a condition. Most of the winning words are nouns, as you can see. I think you should either formally open it up for any part of speech communicating the idea, choose the part of speech for each definition more carefully, or strictly enforce matching the part of speech of the definition.

philip - 2006-12-14: 12:31:00
Nice idea, look forward to playing :) Agree with Jonno on all points, especially the problem that entries made earlier will automatically get more votes...

verbatul - 2006-12-14: 12:35:00
James, the parts of speech is a great idea! It seems that we have a lot of clever people suggesting words so I don't think any creativity will be suffer. In fact, it may inspire more ingenuity. Great game!

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2006-12-14: 12:58:00
I think that we might take a tip from ErWenn keep it formally open to all parts of speech, but then allow players to create variants for specific part of speech (e.g, a verb, a noun, an adj,) and award bonus points for the extra creativity. ~ James

artipt - 2018-12-08: 15:02:00
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