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'Why are you still working on your resume?'

DEFINITION: v. To obsessively work on, shine and polish something which has no intrinsic value. n. A item which has lots of imagined shine in the eyes of the owner, but no real value for anyone else.

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Created by: galwaywegian

Pronunciation: em buhl ish

Sentence: There was no getting away from it. although sasha had a glorious body, her resume, despite all the embullishment, was still bull.

Etymology: embellishment, bullsh*t


RightOnTheWin Haha, nice. - RightOnTheWin, 2010-09-21: 09:20:00


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Created by: petaj

Pronunciation: RUB-urn-ish

Sentence: Not only was Accretia a terrible hoarder, she even employed a poor student to come in on the weekends to help rubburnish her collection of tinsel.

Etymology: rubbish (low value) + burnish (polish)


metrohumanx A perfectly hilarious sentence. Accretia cracks me up! - metrohumanx, 2009-03-10: 12:22:00

super petaj - Jabberwocky, 2009-03-10: 12:22:00

rubs right into the definition, too! - silveryaspen, 2009-03-10: 14:44:00


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Created by: QuantumMechanic

Pronunciation: tur del wax

Sentence: He keeps turdlewaxing that revenue chart, but someone should tell him the product line has been discontinued.

Etymology: turd + turtle wax

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Created by: artr

Pronunciation: drekenrich

Sentence: Marcie's friends wish she had never seen the TV show, Trash to Treasures where they show techniques for transforming refuse into decorative items. She will now drekenrich just about anything she finds. They are each the not-so-proud owners of some of her creations. John has a wreath constructed out of used twist ties and pull tabs from soda cans. Eunice has a broach made from an old belt buckle with shards of broken glass glued to it. But it is Betty who has the greatest "prize" of all, the sculpture of a duck (we think it's a duck) made of clumping cat litter. Every time the weather is humid it gets a little larger.

Etymology: drek (rubbish; trash) + enrich (improve or enhance the quality or value of)


Always loved the word drek! - wayoffcenter, 2009-03-10: 06:03:00

metrohumanx Disturbingly beautiful sentence, and a top-notch word, too! - metrohumanx, 2009-03-10: 12:13:00

metrohumanx ...Sounds like a little hamlet in Bavaria! - metrohumanx, 2009-03-10: 12:14:00


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Created by: elenalombardi

Pronunciation: [pu-n-ch-us]

Sentence: I must make my paper pentous or I will get a low grade and my parents will not be happy about that.

Etymology: Pent- to fill/full

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Created by: mweinmann

Pronunciation: nuhl + eev + ashun

Sentence: Although Zachery polished his prized statue, retrieved from the fire in the local threatre, there was nullevation in the effect of its value.

Etymology: Null + Elevation = Null (In mathematics, the word null (from German null, which is from Latin nullus, both meaning "zero", or "none Elevation (the act of increasing the wealth or prestige or power or scope of something)

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Created by: RightOnTheWin

Pronunciation: {mik.ah\man.nic.lee}

Sentence: Mr. Deadness Debarker resigned from the police force to finally pursue his dream of becoming a famous detective. From this moment forward, he would become Mr.Debarker the mysterious investigator of justice. Today he would make his first appearance to the busy world of crime, and scope out any injustice that lurked the streets. Everything was going well…. UNTIL… THE STAIN !!! Debarker found a small smudge of ink on his tuxedo; he immediately entered into a fit of rage. He micomanically scrubbed the stain, but in the end all was in vain. There was no way he could operate with a smudge on his tuxedo, it would be unforgiveable. So, Mr. Deadness Debarker decided to abandon that dream, and pursue the life of a giant lemon; he lived the rest of his days in a sour manner.

Etymology: Mico (Latin verb)-to shine. Manically (adverb)-characterized by excessive or unreasonable enthusiasm.


Orange you glad he hasn't become a citrus investigator, like Harry Lime or Emma Peel. Hope he's happy, kumquat may... - Nosila, 2010-09-22: 00:13:00


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Created by: GlobalGallery

Pronunciation: pozessiv-kom-pul-siv

Sentence: Andrea was possesivecompulsive. She spent nine hours cleaning the motel room. The fridge, oven, carpets, windows, bathroom, walls and ceiling were gleaming. Every piece of cutlery was hand polished. "I don't know why you bother" said Mitchell her fiance. "We have to live here, so why can't it be nice?" was her reply. "Live here? We're staying here for one night and we're outta here before breakfast" he said with some concern.

Etymology: 1.Possessive - the case expressing ownership 2.Obsessive-compulsive - a state of neurosis

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Created by: kateinkorea

Pronunciation: NUG a TOIL

Sentence: "Are you going to nugatoil all evening?" he teased her. He knew that probably only about three people would show up to see her display in spite of her endless hours of fixing, changing, rewriting, redrawing and painting things that were fine the way they were six hours ago.

Etymology: NUGATORY: having no purpose or value; worthless TOIL: to work very hard and for a long time


metrohumanx Love the word, kate...At first glance,I thought it was "oil derived from a nugget". - metrohumanx, 2009-03-10: 12:12:00

great combo - Jabberwocky, 2009-03-10: 12:21:00

fun to say, too - silveryaspen, 2009-03-10: 14:32:00


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Created by: kalex

Pronunciation: Ee-ez-a-mi(eye)ne, as in it's-a-mine!

Sentence: Would you stop with your eezamine? nobody cares!


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Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2009-03-10: 00:01:01
Today's definition was suggested by metrohumanx. Thank you metrohumanx. ~ James

Verbotomy Verbotomy - 2010-09-21: 00:12:00
Today's definition was suggested by metrohumanx. Thank you metrohumanx. ~ James