Verboticism: Hocusfocus

'I can word back everything you repeat.'

DEFINITION: To engage in conversation while using a technical device, like a TV or computer, to keep you sharp, in case the discussion gets dull.

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Created by: Wordhewer

Pronunciation: ho"-cus-FO'-cus

Sentence: I can't rely on Jeremy to clearly remember anything I tell him. He insists his hocusfocus -- diddling electronically while I'm trying to converse with him -- is adequate, but it's not.

Etymology: Derived from "hocus-pocus", suggesting a magical ability to concentrate adequately on two threads of thought at the same time.

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Comments: Hocusfocus

Wordhewer - 2007-07-25: 00:34:00
I posted this not long before midnight... does the game end for the day then?

kabloozie - 2007-07-25: 13:36:00
funny and I've always liked to say 'hocus-pocus' anyway