Verboticism: Gezundtease

'Aah, aahh, AAAHHH! ohhnnn...'

DEFINITION: n. An incomplete sneeze; starts with a nose tickle, followed by a sharp intake of breath, but then it vanishes, leaving only a vague sense of incompletion. v. To start a sneeze, but never actually finish it.

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Created by: ErWenn

Pronunciation: /ɡəˈzʊnˌtiz/

Sentence: Often, I think that I've had a gezundtease only to unexpectedly blow snot all over myself a second later.

Etymology: From gezundheit + tease

Points: 557

Comments: Gezundtease

erasmus - 2007-04-12: 04:55:00
that sentence earns you my vote. he he!

ErWenn - 2007-04-13: 00:02:00
Thanks, though yours is much better.