Verboticism: Defeature

'I'm sorry can you repeat that? '

DEFINITION: n. A technological innovation that doesn't work as expected because "normal people" can't figure out how to use it. v. To improve something in a way that makes it much harder to use.

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Created by: Discoveria

Pronunciation: Dee-fee-chur

Sentence: The car's inbuilt automatic window-unsteaming feature was nothing but a defeature, because the on/off button was almost under the driver's seat.

Etymology: Defeat + de- + feature. Defeature also happens to be an obsolete word for the noun "defeat" or for a deformity.

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Comments: Defeature

Discoveria - 2007-03-21: 08:42:00
Badget was taken by someone else...:D

ErWenn - 2007-03-21: 17:45:00
"Defeature" is better anyway.