Verboticism: Hyperinboxia

'Did you get my email?'

DEFINITION: n. A psychological dependency on electronic messaging which often leads to compulsive emailing, even among people who are sitting inches apart. v. To email, twitter, or text compulsively.

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Created by: Discoveria

Pronunciation: High-purr-in-box-sia

Sentence: Michael's hyperinboxia was finally cured by an ingenious psychiatrist who happened to be an excellent hacker and virus programmer.

Etymology: Hyper + inbox + hyperoxia. Hyper: too much. Inbox: where emails go. Hyperoxia: high oxygen concentration in the blood, causes euphoria.

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Comments: Hyperinboxia

petaj - 2007-03-07: 03:17:00
very clever

BMott - 2007-03-09: 00:00:00
Good one