Verboticism: Failmate

'I may not have the body of a peacock...'

DEFINITION: n. An individual who is so self-absorbed and cocksure that they cannot understand why their mating calls, or "pick-up lines", do not generate the desired response. v. To repeatedly issue mating calls.

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Created by: w5lf9s

Pronunciation: fail.maite

Sentence: "Whow, I really like your earrings!" - "Failmate!" She didn't even turn around to look at him.

Etymology: like "stalemate". Could also be related to "check mate". Definitely "one who can move no further"

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Comments: Failmate

wordmeister - 2007-02-22: 15:13:00
It'a all about that "mating" thing, checked or not...

w5lf9s - 2007-02-22: 16:03:00
Yep! despite all attempts at hiding it in clever pick-up lines!