Verboticism: Perfecshun

'Wow, you're hot!'

DEFINITION: v. To reject a compliment. May indicate low self-esteem, or false modesty, or even a psychopathic aversion to flattery. n. A person who has difficulty accepting praise.

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Created by: egonschiela

Pronunciation: per-fec-shun

Sentence: When I someone admires my artwork, I sometimes feel embarrassed, and perfecshun compliments.

Etymology: perfect (without fault) + shun (avoid)

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Comments: Perfecshun

wordmeister - 2007-01-19: 09:59:00
Me too...

PolishedAmethyst - 2007-01-21: 03:17:00
Too cute! Yeah, you got my vote! :)

PolishedAmethyst - 2007-01-21: 03:18:00
Too cute! Yeah, you got my vote! :)